Tuesday, September 8, 2009



I’ll be on vacation for two weeks and moving around a great deal. I shall return.

I have a couple of recommendations if you have some time. First, read the entire set of Poritz Posts. There will not be a quiz; except by History, if my thoughts are anywhere near accurate.

Second, I can recommend two articles that I have come across (and plan to Post on when I return):

The first article is Cory Rayburn Yung’s “The Emerging Criminal War on Sex Offenders”, available here. She also blogs at http://www.sexcrimes.typepad.com/ and that site is well worth a look. She’s a law professor and there are links to a lot of law blogs, as well as her own material.

The second article is Aya Gruber’s “The Feminist War on Crime”. This article can be downloaded for free (it’s about 95 pages) if you have Adobe Acrobat 8. It's available here. This will be the abstract but at the top of the page select Download from SSRN and the whole article will appear.

Both of these articles are well worth a look to see just where sex-offense mania-law has come from. This is important for the SO community to know, I believe. The SO law-mania is neither a mysterious twist of history nor is it a natural and normal evolution of the American tradition. It is – as I said in my final Post about the Poritz case – truly strange and indeed alien.

Although they are ‘professional’ articles, they are pretty readable and certainly worth the time and effort: there is no justification for the SO community to feel that it is ‘merely’ defending the indefensible or to feel that it must comport itself like a supplicant for a rather distasteful favor.

The SO community is positioned on a dark frontier, seeking to prevent the Constitutional ethos and the American polity from being driven down a dark and historically dangerous road.

If the SO community is in a very real sense a ministry to those afflicted by the SO laws, it is also a prophetic voice seeking to call American law and jurisprudence back to their old allegiance.
Which covenant and compact both legislators and courts have – it must be said – broken.

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