Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I’m still on vacation and will be until the middle of next week. But I have been doing a good deal of reading.

I’d like to invite your attention to the writing of Wayne Logan of Florida State University. He is writing some very insightful and also readable (for the non-professional reader) articles.

This link brings you to his Bio site and it has a link to a list of his publications.

But this link actually gives you access to some of his most important articles.

On that list I specifically recommend number 1 “Sex Offender Registration and Notification: Past, Present, and Future”; number 4 “Confronting Evil: Victims’ Rights in an Age of Terror”; and number 8 “Criminal Justice Federalism and National Sex Offender Policy”.

I will be Posting my thoughts on each of these articles, as well as the two articles I recommended in my Vacation Notice Post, when I get back.

As always, I urge you to read them in order to deepen your understanding of a) where sex offense law is coming from and b) what a genuinely alien approach it is to American law and the Constitutional vision itself.

Please don’t be put off by any fear of ‘long’ or ‘scholarly’ articles; these writers are clear thinkers, jargon-free, and they apply the ‘professional’ information to easily recognized public issues with which we are all familiar.

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