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Please let me do this just once.

I have just put up an Addendum to my previous Post, but it's possible a number of readers have already read that Post. So I am going to put that short Addendum here as well, as a free-standing Post.

These thoughts are prompted by the contemplation of the SO/SA Mania advocates and enablers now turning on the military itself.

I am putting a few somewhat more specific political thoughts down here. As best I can manage, I keep politics out of the essays on this site. That's not always easy because the SO/SA Mania Regime is nothing if not a political creation. What I want to do here is just share these thoughts, clearly marked as 'political', briefly.  

Clearly the Dems are now reaping the whirlwind. At this point the sitting political class has either drunk the Kool-Aid or are now trapped – especially in a difficult election year – in a lethal embrace with their most radical ‘bases’. And those bases themselves are now making increasingly strident and perhaps desperate demands.

Radical feminism (which – alas – has become synonymous with ‘feminism’) and victimism are now themselves agitated by the increasing decline in the government pork supply which has fueled their Great Day At The Beach for decades, and consequently are both a) urgently in need of tangible re-assurance and b) eager to lock down their ‘successes’ or at least keep their gravy train going on whatever track remains available.

And for all of them, the pols must see the dual ‘solution’ of intensifying i) the SO (and now SA) Mania ii) in the military as a simple and most efficient response.

This assessment, of course, reflects the bankruptcy of ‘deal politics’ in the Age of Identity in this country: the Deal is judged not by its contribution to the commonweal nor even in relation to any integrity, coherence, or efficacy in relation to the Framing Vision, nor even in terms of how a decades-sized load of such ‘deals’ might cumulatively crush the increasing fragile structure of the pols’ own legitimacy (which is an element that’s no longer ‘off the table’, as the Beltway players like to say).

These ‘solutions’ rather quickly and virulently reveal the baaaad consequences that potentially existed within them from the get-go. Leading to yet another round of witless pandering and grossly irresponsible Legislating.

Do these people not worry about the common-weal, or at least the problem of their own legitimacy – integrity is no doubt A Bridge Too Far – at all?

This extension of the SO/SA Mania not only into the military but against the very military operation command structure itself simply spreads one very lethally bad plan into a vital area already deranged by a prior lethally bad plan; the SO/SA Mania Regime on top of the Stalinist-inspired UCMJ core dynamics of 1950.

The reader somewhat given to the history of ideas might note the eerie and ironic symmetry: the Gramscian-inspired Leninist Mania ‘advocacies’ are assaulting the Stalinist-inspired UCMJ … as the genuine elements of American law and politics embodied in the Framing Vision, and the productive elements of the American economy, all shudder and slow and fill, compartment by compartment, reflecting with intensifying vividness the profoundly lethal consequences of the Beltway pols’ eagerly importing multiaxial Maoist “cultural revolution” and the Gramscian undermining of the “hegemonic culture” forty Biblical years ago. Funny how the conceptual night moves.

And so America becomes the last stage for the whackulent, virulent hashing out of Marxism-Leninism, and – in a final and perhaps fatal indignity (courtesy of the Beltway pols, Rightist as well as Leftist) – its enablers and advocates are now scrumming each other for what little remains to be grabbed, secure in their own delusion that it has all been ‘liberation’ and ‘reform’ and that they are still major Shapers and Players on the cutting edge of History and Progress.  

And this comes to resemble not so much the final self-dissolution of the USSR, which blood-soaked monster actually went out with a world-historical dignity and order in the service of a long-hoped-for Possible Future. Rather, I think that the Beltway in its declining agitations is (to borrow a trope from the shocked Dowager Queen during the British Succession Crisis of 1937), coming to resemble “Roumania”.

Forty Biblical years of the most dangerous political toying with the demons of Revolution and ‘cultural de-legitimization’ and Totalitarian Praxis will now play out as a cash-status-and-power-addled official scrum on the National Lawn of some Balkan or banana republic from the bad old days. (And allow me to suggest that you give yourself this Christmas present early: watch the Marx Brothers 1933 masterpiece “Duck Soup”.)

Please forgive the injection of my political opinions. . But so much remains to be done.

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