Friday, April 8, 2011


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In the matter of the Cape Cod summer camp at which US Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) was – he says – groped when he was 10, and to the surprise of practically nobody, the darkly marvelous Mania scheme has kicked in like clockwork: another allegant has now come forward, although from a decade and more after the alleged Brown incident and involving another counselor altogether.

The new allegator named a name, and that person – still employed at the camp – shot himself to death on the grounds a few days ago.

The allegator, according to the script, decided to come forward only after securing the services of a high-profile civil attorney notable and/or notorious for winning lotsa money. Which, in the victim-world, is the right of any victim to go after, although – neatly – there exists no proof and no proof should be sought and the rules of evidence have now been so swiss-cheesed that it is far more difficult to establish with reasonable certainty, that an allegator is actually indeed a victim in the first place. A magic show like this should be the marquis act at Caesar’s Palace (perhaps I am dating myself with the reference).

The deceased’s mother – who reports herself as a former sex-crimes victim advocate and social worker – says that it was probably the best thing for him to do since he certainly wasn’t going to get any help from her (offering some dark-light indeed on the mindset of the rabidly victim-centered advocacy type) and that she had always suspected he wasn’t quite right and – of course – had notified the camp directors to that effect long ago (which, of course, the camp directors vigorously deny).

Meanwhile, back at the original ranch, Scott Brown admitted on a local talk-radio program in Boston that “pedophiles” (which may not be the proper clinical term here at all, but hey – it’s talk radio) can’t stop and that therefore this person from 40 years ago whom Brown refuses to identify may still be carrying on his alleged depredations.

Yet, having admitted (to the satisfaction of the talk-radio standards, anyway) that this camp counselor is a “pedophile” and that “pedophiles” ‘can’t ever stop’, Brown defends his refusal to identify the alleged perpetrator of the groping since a) Brown can’t be sure that the man is still doing this sort of thing and b) Brown – truth to tell – isn’t even sure the man is still alive.

Of course (a) makes no difference because if Brown believes the man to be a “pedophile” then it goes without saying that the man ‘can’t ever stop’ and (b) is a fairy-tale because it is just short of inconceivable that in this day and age a US Senator’s office cannot quietly and quickly find out if any particular US citizen is still alive. And, of course, that’s even before you imagine his staffers calling in a marker from one of the sex-offense advocacy hunter-troller groups who have been quietly given federal funds and authority to ‘find’ these types of folks.

Meanwhile, the litigator’s office proudly announced that two or three more allegators drummed up the courage to contact the high-priced litigator after the first article two days ago, and since the usual tactic in this type of thing (it’s worked extremely well in the Catholic priest cases) is to sue the deeper pockets of the employing entity rather than the alleged perpetrator himself, then the death may not make much difference and might even help a jury to ‘think’ (as the term is used these things) that only guilty people would kill themselves.

Which is possible. But so is, say, that a fragile human being facing the full-court Mania press of witch-hunty media and ‘victim-friendly’ law and courts might figure it would be easier to eliminate the middlemen and get off the planet under one’s own steam; perhaps even figuring that jurisprudentially speaking you’ve got a better chance in front of the Next Level than you do in front of the rigged kangaroo arrangements down here.

What the deceased did or did not do is now going to be impossible to determine. Under current conditions a person ‘groped’ decades ago, say for example, would be limited only by a personal sense of integrity and a commitment to truth from making the most extreme allegations against the deceased (in the course of the settlement-negotiations against the employing entity and its insurers). And who are we simple laypeople to imagine what arcane and abstruse ‘justifications’ for such a gambit might be proffered by the high-priest keeper of the sacred dark mysteries, the notable/notorious lawsuit lawyer?

Something for everyone – even the deceased, who is spared the Mania-wringer. Although, of course, in Correct Mania dogma he will have ‘escaped justice’ since he died before being Registered as a Sex-Offender. The fundamental presumption – which not even the Victimists care to admit – being that ‘justice’ only happens in this life and on the authority of the Mania laws, as if when you die you don’t wind up in front of a Judge and Registering Authority far above our own relatively poor power to add or detract.

Every once in a while, in an impish mood that can come on you when you stay up very late at night thinking and writing, I imagine Jesus suggesting to the very Proper and self-righteously Correct and even the excitedly eager-to-help, that ‘tax-collectors, publicans, and sex-offenders are entering the kingdom of heaven before you’. If you think about it, and the frothy, teeth-gnashing rage that such a comment might elicit, you can see why He wound up the way He did.

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