Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A New York City TV news anchor has been arrested on two counts of filing a false report to police. She claimed that a Hispanic male tried to rape her while she was jogging in Central Park on September 24th, and later stalked-harassed her by phone.

Police investigated but could turn up no witnesses or suspects.

She confessed upon arrest, and attributed it to unspecified personal problems that may spin her gambit as a “plea for sympathy”.

You wouldn’t want to stay up late at night tallying up how many times this has happened during the reign of the SO Mania Regime, especially since making such a ‘report’ is a sure-fire guarantee of attention and concern. This has always been one of the ‘moral hazards’ of the Regime: its guaranteed trip-wire attention and the status of ‘victim’ that goes with it is sure to attract assorted unhappy and not-quite-together persons who, from the depths of their problems see only the chance for a little ‘sunshine’, however artificial.

This is in addition to the moral-hazard we see in the Assange case, where, by the by, the first female, whom I called ‘A’ in my previous Post, has suddenly left Sweden and gone to work with refugees in the Israel-Palestine area, after refusing to cooperate with prosecutors any further. Perhaps, now that Assange is safely embroiled in the international legal system, she decided to get out of town; although if any CIA connection is suspected, it’s only going to heat up now that she has taken a vacation in the land of the Mossad.

There is increasing commentary about Assange’s arrest – you can’t even say on trumped-up ‘charges’ since he hasn’t been charged with anything – being a “witch-hunt”; see for example this article.

I think that the world is beginning to finally realize just what happens when you work up some ‘offense’ into the subject of a Mania Stampede, simultaneously inflaming the public with manipulative misinformation and then removing vital legal protections and procedures in order to ensure successful prosecution. The SO community has been somewhat alone for the past decades, having ‘seen the terrible Eye’ (to use Tolkien’s fine image for it) while everyone else saw not a dark and terrible wizardry but only the eager ministrations of a ‘sensitive’ and ‘responsive’ government police power.

But then, the SO community is still rather alone because although many worthwhile commentators are now seeing the government with its gloves off (and its mask off), there is no talk of the SO Mania or the SO Regime of laws. There is talk of the Espionage Act of 1917 and the legal ins-and-outs of trying to prosecute Assange with that, but nobody has actually discussed the fact that it was the SO Mania Regime that broke so many of the traditional jurisprudential safeguards for accused. And, of course, there was the stunning debasement – debauchery, even – of a national legislative authority that would allow itself to embrace so many inaccurate Findings, and continue to do so even as evidence mounted to the contrary.

This article is actually sub-titled “This Can’t Be Happening” – which is a sentiment with which the SO community can easily identify.

It goes on to actually sketch the gravamen of the sex-offense “charges” (that aren’t ‘charges’ at all at this point) being claimed against Assange. And it’s a thin and fragile tissue of accusations indeed.

It’s interesting that even advocates against rape are now joining the outcry against what is being done to Assange, since it weakens the legitimate claims of those who actually have been victims of rape. I can agree with that, although the SO Mania has so skewed the process that the credibility of any allegations must arouse the caution of reasonable observers. (Which is NOT to say that all allegations of rape are false.)

But while I sympathize with the advocates’ concerns, I have to bear in mind that for decades now the credibility of any allegations whatsoever was not only assumed, but any skepticism about such charges was cartoonishly and lethally presumed to be ‘re-victimizing’ and ‘proof’ that the skeptic was ‘for rape’. And THAT has been a glaring problem with the Mania from Day One.

So I think that this Assange matter, and the hugely fraught and now sooooo obvious machinations of both the US and Swedish governments, is having the effect of exposing some of the most profound problems with the entire Sex-Offense concept. Although, as I have said, no major commentator is ‘noticing’ the connection to Sex-Offense stuff (although the folks who leave quick comments in response to this or that article seem to be making the connection for themselves).

But, getting back to the NYC TV anchor, it strikes me as very significant that she was arrested at all. And that it happened after the past weeks and months of the Assange matter cannot be a coincidence . Police agencies have – as far as I can determine – rarely held false-accusers to account in matters of Sex-Offense.

Perhaps, after two or more very long decades, police agencies are finally mustering the insight – or perhaps the courage – to enforce those lonely and long-neglected laws against false reporting. Ignoring them have made the temptations to make such false reports and accusations that much more attractive: there would be no legal consequences if, improbably, you were discovered doing it.

This can only be a good thing.

I wouldn’t go popping any champagne corks. The chances of any retrospective investigation of false-accusations are almost as slim as the Justice Department ‘looking back’ to the government types who authorized torture and ‘extraordinary renditions’ (a program to which that nice little Swedish government gladly lent its territory and authority).

But then the wheels of Truth, like the wheels of Justice, grind slowly but they just keep grinding on and who knows where they might grind “in the fullness of time”, as Scripture saith.

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