Friday, October 1, 2010


This is my third Post in as many days. I don’t like to put so many up so quickly since folks have a lot to do besides keeping up with sites.

But as of today the excellent Constitutional Fights site is going into Archive mode – meaning that it is ceasing active and on-going operations and will simply retain its already-amassed corpus of Posts for historical reference.

The site’s founders say that they had originally started up in order to fight the good fight in Ohio and at this point they see that as done, given the recent roll-back of the SO registry there, such that the large number of higher-graded Registrants called for by the national AWA legislation has been rolled-back. (Although the State authorities, so quick to set up Registries in the name of law-and-order, are not acting at all so quickly when the ‘law’ now says that they have to roll-back their Registrations; which is an indicator, I would say, of just how corrosive this whole Mania is to professional law-enforcers and State agents, and how politically difficult it is to move back from the brink once you have started and surfed a public stampede.)

They also note that the federal AWA is now “on life support”. And it is encouraging to hear somebody who has access to as much information as they do say that. Certainly that is true. My own examination, such as it was, of the recent internet Act indicated that the federal legislators are coming to realize – for one reason or another – that their AWA, if not also the entire SO Mania regime they helped to fan, has gone far too far.

Blessings and peace on the Constitutional Fights staff – and many thanks.

They also note that they have received few contributions and more queries for help than actual substantive Postings. And heaven knows there are many in need of help and few with the time and resources to do the work necessary to help such a comprehensively informative site fulfill its objectives.

I’d add on a personal note that I don’t often contribute to other sites. That’s not because I am a ‘loner’ but simply because it is the nature of my take on things to look acutely at matters that are still ‘hot’ in terms of ‘sensitivity’ and to say things – all of which are as careful as I can make them – which might well ruffle feathers. And I don’t want to put anybody else’s site at any risk of too many unnecessary ‘flaps’.

And my approach is to go a bit deeper – maybe be a bit more ‘abstract’ – than the indispensable ‘information and news’ sites, such as Constitutional Fights. My Posts are actually more like essays than they are like the more numerous ‘blog posts’.

And for sites that are run by groups that are actively engaged in face-to-face interactions with potential political and non-SO community supporters, I don’t want to complicate their efforts by having to answer for some of the thoughts that I express (confidently and with as much care as I can muster).

That being said, and with complete respect and gratitude for the Ohio-centered mission of Constitutional Fights, I will say that the SO Mania regime – its laws, its policies, its assumptions and dynamics – is still very much alive in the country.

AND it has now spread its corrosive influence into the very warp-and-woof of the nation’s politics and policy, foreign as well as domestic.

AND I affirm here my respect for those law-enforcement personnel and judicial and court personnel who find themselves with the awful (as well as awesome) task of trying to decently enforce the legislation that has been passed, while trying to avoid the corrosion and frakkulent complexity that such legislation imposes upon them as they try to conscientiously fulfill their tasks.

Which is not in any way meant to minimize the awful experiences imposed upon everyone who is caught up in the toils of the SO Mania regime, or their families and friends.

The entire Citizenry and the entire country is now included in and encompassed by the dark shadow of this Mania regime.

And that darkness – which has always constituted a fundamental attack upon the Constitutional ethos upon which the country was Founded and by which this country and The People continue to derive their identity as a great if experimental “hope for mankind” – is, as I have said, spreading.

So I conclude this short Post of recognition and gratitude with the sublimely conceived and stated thought of Abraham Lincoln in his Second Inaugural. In that Spring of 1865, looking now beyond the pale of an awful War, he sought to Shape the life and actions of the nation as it would have to reconstitute itself and recover itself after the exertions of waging that War: “to achieve a just and a lasting peace among ourselves and with all peoples”.

No human being should have to be subject to the unwanted imposition of sexual activity or experience by any other human being.

Anybody who finds him/herself compelled to attempt such imposition is under the acute moral – even more than legal – obligation to master such impulses or compulsions.

But human beings are imperfect, and it was the abiding wisdom of the Framers that no government can assume the authority to do what not even God has chosen to do: impose an immediate perfection upon humanity at any cost, and to try to achieve that impossible objective merely by relying upon “our poor power to add or detract” (Lincoln again, at Gettysburg).

In that sense, as I have often said and will continue to say, the SO Mania regime is not only lethally wrong-headed in and of itself, but also represents a lethal and wrong-headed approach to government, especially to the American form of government envisioned by the Framers and bequeathed to Us as stewards, for the time that each of Our American generations walks upon the earth.

So, as Ike put it in his Farewell Address, “so much remains to be done”.

And thanks to Constitutional Fights, whose efforts that great task “have thus far so nobly advanced”.

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