Sunday, September 19, 2010


Just a very brief Post here to pass along this assessment of the Assange case from the Counterpunch website.

The piece notes, among many other interesting things, that with the passage of the assorted 'rape laws' men are now much more vulnerable to a certain type of extortion, which in the Assange case may well be placed in the dual service of the interests of the world-feministical revolution and the need of the US government (AND the Swedish government - also a participant in Afghanistan and also facing an upcoming election).

As I have said before, it's stunning how the workings of these already flawed laws can mutate.

The good news is that by being mutated so publicly, and through such grossly unbelievable alleged scenarios of perpetration, the laws are exposing their noxious, toxic, and repellent dynamics for all to see.

Only the most fervent true-believer in the Mania Regime can now continue to trumpet the integrity and efficacy of these laws.

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