Tuesday, February 9, 2010


As I mentioned in a Note two Posts ago, I have done a Post on my other site about Hannah Arendt's ideas on the differences between the French and the American approaches to revolution and then I have connected them to the rise of the Regulatory-Preventive or Nanny State.

The SO mania is part of this slide into that Regulatory-Preventive State, which is - I am saying - not some 'fresh', 'creative' new reform but rather a slide into exactly the opposite of what the American Constitutional vision was seeking to achieve. And that the 'vision' behind the Regulatory-Preventive State has migrated into foreign affairs in several ways.

So this all has a lot to do with the SO mania and I think that going over it would give you a deeper and wider picture of what's at stake in working against the SO mania.

But it goes more into the political and the historical than into SO matters specifically, so I put it up on my other site.

Please feel free to take a look.

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